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 Search Engine Optimization strategies are that drive success far beyond rankings alone. Keyword targeting with sensible marketing strategies produce continuous business growth. When optimizing a website for Search Engine Optimization or SEO, there is no single approach that works for every website. Search Engine Optimization Canada understand that you need an SEO solution that adapts with the needs of your business and grows as you grow.

Search Engine Optimization Services

We at Search Engine Optimization Canada offer this service perhaps better than anyone in Canada. The process deployed by our team is simple and seamless and ensures top listings for your website on major Search Engines for industry-specific key phrases discussed and finalized by you and us brainstorming together.

SEO Services Canada

Some of the stages in the SEO Process are outlined as follows:

Key Phrase / Keyword Analysis
Key phrase & Keyword Analysis is a fundamental search engine optimization strategy. Keywords and key phrases are the words on your web site that need to match these search terms in order for your site to drive targeted traffic to your business.

Competition Analysis
Our SEO professionals would analyze the competition on keywords / key phrases chosen by you. We would tend to study websites which appear on top listings on search engines on those key phrases and strategize our service delivery accordingly. This analysis basically includes studying competitor back links, rankings, Meta tag analysis etc.

Content Analysis
Search Engine Optimization Canada provide an analysis of what we believe to be the best aspects and worst aspects of your content and provide information regarding the ways in which we believe it can be improved. Your website would also be checked for web-design standards and compliance. We would also undertake a Content Duplicity Test to ensure that your website does not have plagiarized content and would not hamper the SEO Process in any way.

Ongoing Directory Submissions
Your website will be submitted and registered with directories. This component also includes research and selection of appropriate categories to which directory submissions would be made.

Ongoing Link Building
Google Page Rank will depend on the number of back links it has and with an increase in the page rank of a website, improvement in page rankings can also be expected. Search Engine Optimization Canada try and get links from suppliers, affiliates, related associations, partners, trade bodies and even indirect competitors.